Disenchanted with realism and interested in the space between image and word, Bonnie Shelor explores abstraction and non-objective art. Pushing boundaries of volume, form, and line through mixed media and a synthetic surface has led to an unrestricted and spontaneous approach. Exploring the juncture in this space between the invisibles of reflection, intuition, and philosophy with the interplay of a forgiving synthetic surface and multiple media has birthed her personal form of expression. Bonnie’s years of study at Virginia Commonwealth University and at The Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C., along with work in the studio, gallery exhibitions, and study of art history and art conservation have enriched and enabled Bonnie to confidently play, push, and experiment with immediacy. The use of graphite, acrylic ink, ink, leaf, metallic powder, oil crayon all lead to a dynamic visual union of reading the image and seeing of the word.


Bonnie Shelor







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