Collin Sandler


Collin Sandler was introduced to ceramics during his freshman year of high school at Trinity Episcopal School. He had an immediate connection with the art form. It provided an escape from the busy world and from life as a high schooler. Being able to sit down at the potter’s wheel and becoming one with the clay is an experience that not many people can say they’ve tried. Collin always found it such a comforting use of time, because it relieves stress and helps center himself as well as the clay.


After much experimentation during his first three years of ceramics, Collin found a passion for alternate firings. He was used to doing a high fire glaze or an occasional pit fire, but he wanted to experiment with other options. Collin came across a new method called saggar firing. This is a method that had been used for centuries. This has been Collin’s method of choice, not only because of the unique designs that it yields, but also because of the unpredictability.


Collin says, “My grandpa has been a huge influence on me ever since I was a child. I can remember going to his house to paint and having him pass down to me all of the skills that he knows. He’s been a huge supporter of my artistic career ever since I can remember. I think it’s interesting, now, how well our work plays together, even though we create in different mediums. I’ve been inspired by his atmospheric approach to painting, and decided to put my own spin on it with my ceramics.”




Collin shares an exhibition space at Crossroads Art Center with his grandfather Herb Pulliam, a painter.



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