Conchita Elliott-Peaks


Conchita Elliot-Peaks was encouraged to pursue the arts when she was young, but she could not do so at the time. After high school, she was able to take a life drawing class at Washington University in St. Louis, where she was born and raised. After she married and moved to Virginia, she took art classes whenever possible. She always dreamed of going to art school.


In her 40s, she realized it was not too late when a friend started taking a class at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Encouraged by her family, she was accepted in the Art Foundation at VCU. She then took a job as a designer for Woody's Stained Glass Company, where she designed church windows in watercolor drawings and executed the full window carton. Enjoying this creative process, she took a class and started her own projects. She became a member of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and took classes at the Robinson House, the James River Art League, and the Bon Air Artists Association.


Conchita enjoys working with different mediums. She most recently has worked with acrylics, and she likes their versatility. She is inspired by the controlled chaos, fluid lines, and natural colors of minerals used in stained glass, and her recent paintings show this influence. Now in her 80s she says, "I feel like I have evolved.”



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