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Art Opening/Artist Reception/Open House
July 18, 2013 6pm – 9pm

Yes we will have the RVA sign at the Opening!
Come Get Happy With Us!!

During the Artwalk on Friday, July 18th 6pm - 9pm
Visitors will learn from the artists what inspires them to create their works of art as they stroll through the 25,000-square-foot facility.

The Featured Artists will be Haley Jensen, ARTspeaks a band of 5 Richmond, VA Artists as well as artists participating in the "It's Reigning Cats and Dogs" Show, Annual Members Show and All Media Show.

The Richmond Magic Club and the International Brotherhood of Magicians will provide magic. Proceeds from the Beverage Sales will benefit Richmond SPCA. Music will be by Quiet Step Ensemble as well as Casey and Albie McCue (acoustic duo). Casey and Albie are two top performing Richmond-based musicians who grew up in Urbanna, VA and have performed at some of the top venues and events across Virginia... from The Homestead to The Urbanna Oyster Festival! They perform fun, enjoyable songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s that are sure to please even the most discriminating music enthusiasts! Come check out their incredible sound and effervescent style of musical fun."

Join us for an Old Fashion Family Picnic!!
Food Truck and Carts will be on hand from 6pm – 9pm. Come have supper with us!

Classroom One and Two
ARTspeaks is a dedicated group of Richmond, VA artists, working in various mediums, who support charitable organizations, such as the Richmond SPCA, through their art. A portion of sales will benefit the Richmond SPCA!

The artists Curney Nuffer, Cabell Gorman, Susan Dull, Christopher Wynn and David Everette are the featured artists.

Chris Wynn                                                                                                  Cabel Gorman

Featured Artist
Haley J's Natural Art & Flower Preservation


I have always loved nature and the feelings it evokes in me. To me a walk in the woods is a healing experience, a time to feel whole. Growing plants is a way to feel connected to the earth, to life. It is this love of nature that first inspired my “Intrinsic Natural Art”. Intrinsic, meaning, of or relating to the essential nature of a thing; inherent. One day while hiking in our beautiful Appalachian mountains. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to permanently preserve nature. To have nature indoors even in the dead of winter, is a feeling to enjoy always. So I started experimenting with my flowers and herbs, trying different techniques. I have spent many years perfecting my process and the challenges are great, but extremely rewarding.

All my recreations of nature are permanently preserved. My processes are many and diverse. Every flower and leaf is treated differently. All of my designs are created on acid-free mat board, which prevents any deterioration of plant material. What really sets my work apart is a special process that permanently seals each creation. This prevents the plant material from ever shifting in any way.

My designs are diverse as nature itself…the possibilities as endless as the seasons. I feel very fortunate to be able to make a living doing something that I am so passionate about. In nature, there is continuity, yet also wonderful surprises. This is what makes it a wonderful source of inspiration. My love and respect for nature is reflected in my work. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy creating them.

About my work…
I have been creating my artwork for about 12 years. I grow most of the plant material I use in my designs. Some of my backgrounds are painted using watercolor, acrylics, etc…but all of the plant material is of its natural color. First I dry and preserve the natural materials, and then after I create my designs I seal the whole piece with a heat activated coating to prevent any movement or deterioration. All of my work is done on acid free matt board and conservation framed. I do all of my own matting and framing. My work is truly my passion…my life…an extension of myself.

Haley Jensen Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Plant Preservation Artwork

Haley Jensen’s work reflects her life experiences, spirituality, and nature

PALMYRA, VA, March 27, 2014, Haley Jensen, Artist, Professional Picture Framer, and Owner of Haley J's Intrinsic Natural Art, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in plant preservation artwork.

To say that Ms. Jensen is passionate about art would be an understatement. She has devoted more than two decades to the fine arts field, and has successfully found a way to intertwine her love for nature into her career. She is now noted for her unique concept of plant preservation artwork, as well as for her skill in custom picture framing. Ms. Jensen is the owner of Haley J’s Intrinsic Natural Art, and has exhibited her work at hundreds of art shows. She has also received a number of “Best of Show” placements and honors. She sells her work at galleries and creates commissioned pieces as well. Art enthusiasts laud Ms. Jensen for her original pieces, which reflect her life experiences, spirituality, and of course, nature.

In recognition of her accomplishments, Ms. Jensen was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding. She believes her success stems from her passion for her work and the fact that she is a perfectionist. Looking toward the future, Ms. Jensen plans to expand her business online with more prints. She intends to continue carving out her niche is plant preservation artwork in the coming years. For more information about Haley J's Intrinsic Natural Art, visit

Gallery One
All Media Show Winners

1st Place David Cressman Sunlight Over Parliament Oil 20x16 $1850

2nd Place Ruth Reilly Palczynski Yellow Chair 22x26 $450

3rd Place George Heath Magic Dusk Acrylic on Canvas Panel 12 x 12 $200

Honorable Mention Abstract - Jane Kafigian Amidst the Wildflowers 18x24 $575

Honorable Mention Drawing - Jayne Anne Grigg Cupid Charcoal and Pencil 8x10 $1000

Honorable Mention Still Life - Karen Julihn Picnic Acrylic 18x24 $500

Honorable Mention Whimsical - Jennifer Yane Sisters of Mercy Acylic On Canvas 18 x 24 $350


Honorable Mention Whimsical - Photography Jim Basel Hells Exit

Caboose Gallery
"It's Reigning Cats and Dogs" Show Winners

1st Place - Nancy Brittle Rivah Dogs Oil on Canvas 24x30 $950

2nd Place - John Balasa Anticipation Oil on Luan $500

2nd Place - John Balasa In Training Oil on Luan $500

3rd Place - Shirley Silberman Redigreed Pedicure Acrylic 24x36 $925


Honorable Mention - Ruth Reilly Palycynski My Buddy Acrylic 20x24 $375

Rhoda Gallery
Members' Show

Members Show Susan Turlington Salt Water Marsh Glass Mosaic Sculpture 12x12 $325

Members Show Mary Midgette Summer Beach Oil 17x16 $375

Members Show Les Phares Old Wrecks Oil 22x26 $850

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