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November 2014
Featured Artists and Gallery Shows November 21, 2014 - January 5, 2015:

The Featured Artists are Sue Ellen Nagle, Jim Smither, Lorelle Rau, Garry-Lou Upton as well as artists participating in the Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association (MRAA) Show, Adele Castillo's Student Show, The Members Show and All Media Show.

Nonprofit Sponsor for the Open House is UNOS!

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Featured Artists and Gallery Shows:
Adele Castillo Student Show
            Adele Castillo “Space Currents”                       Adele Castillo “My Boy”                  Dianne Smith “Contemplation”

The students of Adele Castillo will show off their latest acrylic work in this annual exhibit, opening November 21. A wall of paintings based on the same reference, one of our visitors' favorites, will be featured again this year. Adele teaches three classes a week in her studio in Crossroads Art Center. Students from beginners to professionals with various interests and styles continually hone their skills in composition, drawing, painting and of course, color.

Sue Ellen Nagle has done it again!
2015 Calendars

Everyone's favorite locally created calendars will be here for the Open House!
They make an excellent stocking stuffer, teacher gift, or the perfect treat for just about anyone on your list.

Jim Smither

Crossroads Art Center is pleased to announce their first solo exhibition with artist Jim Smither. The exhibition is titled "European Explorations" and opens November 21 through January 5, 2015. Jim has been hard at work these past few months creating new work for this exhibition. This unique show premieres both acrylic and watercolor paintings based on site studies of recent trips to Paris and Venice. The show will be centered on iconic spaces and buildings found in the two cities. Jim’s focus is on capturing the spatial and atmospheric qualities of places and exploring the interplay of built and natural forms. Jim has received many awards for his work including the Award of Distinction at the 35th Annual Exhibition of the Virginia Watercolor Society in May of 2014.

Garry Lou-Upton
The Lands of Snow and Ice, Deserts and Heat, and Old Eastern European Charm

The inspirations for paintings can come from anyplace, from just walking out your backdoor to travel to exotic lands and everything in between. For me, visiting places I have never seen before awakens an adventurous spirit to not only see the sights, but to feel the people and places, to experience the delights of the eye, and to try to interpret these feelings in my art.

Sometimes it is hard to see a new place without preconceptions. India is hot, dry, dirty, very third world. Russia was our enemy while I was growing up, the Cold War mentality, the land of snow and ice, peasants. Poland (we only went to Krakow and Kolbuczowa) would be rural, plain, very un-worldly.

What I found was a welcome in India, a warm and happy people, school children all smiles; Russia, especially Red Square, had none of the frugality I expected, ominous buildings, down-trodden people; St. Petersburg was a gilded paradise, almost a magical feel, brides in the parks, love locks on the bridge; Old Town in Krakow was a glory of architecture, both old and new, lively and funny nightly entertainers on the streets, and the old tradition of the trumpet blowing at noon. Kolbuczowa held the allure of heritage, of family beginnings, the hope of relatives lost.

What I have tried to capture in my paintings is the vibrancy of these places, both through color and especially texture, the sense of time and place that we don’t think about on a conscious level. I hope I have told you “my” story of these towns and people, and I hope they inspire you to tell your own stories. The warmth, energy and vibrancy I have tried to capture and pass on to you will, hopefully, show how these visits have changed me into a more complete artist.
Garry-Lou Upton

Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association (MRAA)

              Member: Patti Bartol “Farm House”

The Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association (MRAA) is a non-profit professional association whose purpose is to promote and encourage the creation of all forms of the visual arts and to foster information sharing through group sponsored workshops, programs and outstanding art exhibitions.

MRAA meets the second Saturday of the month at 10 am at the Crossroads Art Gallery located at 2016 Staples Mill Road. There is time for members to socialize with refreshments followed by a variety of art-related educational lectures or interesting artist demonstrations.

Exhibitions are also a major focus of the Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association. All members are welcome to showcase their original artworks at these exhibits held throughout the Richmond area.

Lorelle Rau

This body of work is about recycling, repurposing, and preserving nature. Inspired by intricate shapes and rich textures, the experience and rawness of the natural world has always been an integral part of my creative process. Most of these collages evolve from a single set of patterns used over and over again to create new but visually related works.

Cutting up old prints and drawings from my past, I deconstruct initial items as starting points, and make use of almost every scrap derived from that original. While creating one collage, I use the scraps that I gather and incorporate them into another work until no material remains. The production of a new whole is the central tenet of the collage medium, and appropriating preexisting images to create fresh, unique work is my intention.

My approach is completely intuitive and unplanned and involves the gathering of imagery of different forms to create a work. Instead of purchasing new source material, I collect free resources, reusing and reconfiguring them to function aesthetically and conceptually with one another. By appropriating preexisting images from brochures, magazines, books, and more, I am re-contextualizing original elements and presenting them with new meaning.

All Media Show Winners

First Place - Duane Cregger
"Tidal-Phase 1" - Polymer & Acrylic
48x72 - $3400

Second Place - Mel Talley
"Creative Struggle" - Archival Pigment Ink
29x36 - $800

Third Place - Rafiel Boone
"Lorelle" - Oil
24x30 - $2500

Honorable Mention - Randal Lee Green
"Piano Bars" - Recycled Metal & Wood
16x53 x31 - $349

Honorable Mention - Robert Winne
"Shakespeare Sighs" - Encaustic
16x16 - $500

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