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March 2014
12th Year Anniversary Party and Artist Reception
Friday, March 21, 2014 6pm - 9pm

Call For Entry Dates: Tuesday, March 11th – 16th
Artist Reception: Friday, March 21, 2014 6pm - 9pm
Admittance to the Art Center is FREE !
• Visitors will learn from the artists what inspires them to create their works of art as they stroll through the 25,000-square-foot facility.
• You will be able to listen to music by Quiet Step Ensemble as well as Andy Vaughan and The Driveline.
• The Richmond Magic Club and the International Brotherhood of Magicians will provide magic.
• Food Trucks for your dining pleasure are provided by RVA Street Foodies.
• Featured Artists: Nimrod Hall Artists, James River Art League Artists, Duane Cregger, Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman, Andrew McGlamery, Jr, Holly Markhoff

Nonprofit Sponsor:

Richmond Symphony Orchestra League (RSOL)

Featured Artists:

"Creating a love affair between Photorealism and Pop Art"
Artist Statement
“I paint larger-than-life, 21st century icons using vivid colors and seductive undertones to create a love affair between Photorealism and Pop Art.”

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Naked Kiss
Oil on Canvas

During college, I purchased the book Photorealism by Louis K. Meisel and instantly became a photorealism junky with an obsession to paint all things ordinary. Pure and simple in subject matter and larger-than-life, each painting focuses on the unique qualities of these iconic objects. Pop Art with its focus on commercialism definitely contributed to the vivid colors and boldness that is presented in my work today. I love to create sensual and alluring paintings, including red lipstick, chocolate kisses, and the infamous martini.

Painting in a photographic style allows me to showcase an ordinary subject in an extraordinary way, revealing its intricate details, blemishes, and irregularities. Each object is as unique as a fingerprint. Creating paintings on a larger scale enables me to convey the subject’s unique characteristics and encourages the desire to reach out and interact with the subject. I am passionate about reproducing reflections, interesting textures, and luscious colors to create the illusion that beverages can be tasted, foil can be crinkled, and chocolate can be eaten.

I first use the camera like a sketchbook. By manipulating the subject and varying the light source, I create sensuality. I also like the impact the camera has on an object, adding glare and reflections. By making my compositional decisions before sitting down in front of the canvas, I can then focus on color and technical accuracy. I choose to use oil to execute my paintings because its ease in manipulation gives me the technical ability to make a finished painting appear photographic.

My work continues to be influenced by the artists of the 1960s and 1970s Photorealism and Pop Art Movement: Charles Bell, Ralph Goings, Richard Estes, Linda Bacon, Tom Blackwell, and Andy Warhol.

Nimrod Hall Group Show

Sara's Pond by William J. Frable                                Barn and Tree by Rosalie Day White

Laura Loe has been the Artist Director of the Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program since 1997. Nimrod Hall, established in 1783, Bath County, Virginia, is an artist colony geared to the adult artist who is looking for time to paint, uninterrupted, for five one week sessions in the summer.
Artist link to show information for artists:

James River Art League


James River Art League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with over 100 member artists from the greater Richmond and Central Virginia region. Our goal is to encourage the creation and appreciation of the visual arts. We provide our members with motivation, association, and continuing education through programs that feature qualified artists and art professionals, and we provide opportunities for members to exhibit artwork in venues throughout the greater Richmond area. Our member artists work in a diverse spectrum of art media, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, graphite, collage, silk screen, block prints and sculpture.

History of JRAL: 50 YEARS OF ART! 1964-2014
The James River Art League is one of the oldest art groups in Richmond and was organized in 1964 by members of a painting class taught by Helen Hull Bailey. Through her persuasion, an art league was formed south of the James River; early meetings were held in a small white house on the grounds of Westover Hills School. The membership grew and soon the League included artists from both sides of the James River. Today, JRAL remains anchored in Greater Richmond, although we have members from throughout Central Virginia.

Meetings & Programs
We welcome guests to join us at our Program/Business meetings at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Henrico County, in September, November, January, March and May. Field trips and special programs for members occur in October, December, February and April. Please visit our Meetings/Programs page for full details.

New Work, Spring 2014 - by Duane Cregger

A continuing series of new paintings in oils and acrylics that incorporates and reinterprets the layering, texture, and inscribing of earlier work. This collection explores the themes of attachment and hope through a bright abstract visual narrative

                                                                                     Untitled 3

Episodic Triptych 48x72 2013                                     Untitled 1

Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman PhD.

What’s In Focus?
Light Blades, Berlin                                                 The Maid

As a photographer and an architectural historian I am interested in the abstraction of spatial and geometric elements. Therefore most of my work is concerned with the organic development of the geometry of the composition. I tend to look at structural systems and their relationships to the ambient space as complications and expressions of imagination and design. Color becomes a unifying and aesthetic element in the development of the subject. Individual works are united and defined by the elements of line, shape, space, texture and color.

Floating Abstraction                                                 National Gallery Fountain

Professor Emerita of Art and Architectural History has a collection of over 50 thousand images, some of which have been copied by the Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University, I.M. Pei & Associates among other organizations.

Her extensive workshop experiences include those with Ezra Stoller, Norman McGrath, Jim Megargee, Constantine Manos, George Tice and Susan Bloom. She was a guest photographer for the Curator of the Acropolis, Athens. She has authored articles on Baroque Architecture, Thomas Sully, The Bible in Western Art and Moses in the Visual Arts, Interpretation. She has lectured extensively and has traveled throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Egypt, Russia and China. In 2010 she held residency at the Cite’ Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

Andy McGlammery
Retrospective of Andrew McGlamery, Jr Work


In the words of Andrew McGlamery III, the son ---
Dad would show me his new drawings each week when we had lunch together, but I never really appreciated how talented he was until I went through all of them. He was also very prolific! Dad had been drawing and painting for at least 30 years as I remember him painting when I was a teenager. He really focused on it after he retired about 18 years ago. He took classes each semester at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School and was a member of the Jack Woodson Sketch Club (which has since disbanded). He has a few pieces in the MCV hospital permanent collection.


Most of his works fell into four or five categories: Outer Banks, Fan/Richmond, Still Life, Landscapes (mostly the James River area and Goochland County) and in the last few years Impressionistic and Abstract.

Andrew McGlamery, Jr.

Holly Markhoff


Born in New York City, I grew up outside of Washington DC, in Alexandria, Virginia. I currently live in Richmond with my husband, two children & two dogs. My family inspires me with their kind, and enthusiastic 'art criticism' as they journey with me over time and place to watch a piece evolve. A piece 'in process' can take from days to years to feel completed. I move most canvases around the house to 'live' with as they are being created. From easel, to kitchen counter, to chairs by windows, I soak in the balance, design, color and movement from various perspectives, until each added hue, line or texture has purpose.

My recent body of work is rich with emotion, textures and dramatic colors. At times my work is spontaneous and simply directed by the materials I use. More often my pieces continue the process of completing the expression of a recurrent sketch or theme. Typically, I use an exciting variety of mediums and techniques on each piece. Often acrylic and enamel paints are layered and combined with beautifully colored and textured papers and fabrics. At times I use a heating element to seal and texturize the paint. My artistic goal is to create works that are soothing and sophisticated, yet express an inspiring playfulness and joy.

Contact information: Email: or Visit me on Facebook @ Holly Markhoff, Studio

All Media Show
Gallery One

1st Place - Lew Lott Ode to Conrad
Smaller Reference to the book Heart of Darkness

2nd Place - Nickolai Donatello - David - Masking Tape            2nd Place - Nickolai Donatello - Modern Man - Masking Tape

3rd Place - Emma Knight - Oak Drive

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