Garry-Lou Upton


Garry-Lou Upton began painting after she retired from university teaching. While her background was in business, her desire to try something new led her to two local art teachers who awakened her creative instincts.


The inspirations for her paintings come from both local and exotic locales. Visiting new places awakens an adventurous spirit to not only see the sights, but to feel the people and places, to experience the visual delights, and to try to interpret these feelings in her art. She has lived in Egypt and India, which moved her color choices from the primaries to the earth tones. Her visits to Russia, Poland, and Italy helped her explore the cool blues and the warmth of pastels. In between trips, she paints the everyday landscape of fruit and flowers as she experiments with shapes, backgrounds, color combinations, and different kinds of texture.


Her works are full of color and imagination. Whether she is painting abstractly or with a sense of realism, she seeks to capture the vibrancy and sense of time of places and things through color and texture. Her hope is to inspire you to find your own stories in her images.


Garry-Lou continues to study with Christaphora Robeers, an internationally known artist, and takes workshops with both local and national teachers. Her paintings are in corporate and private collections. She paints primarily in acrylics and mixed media and has just begun exploring cold wax and oil as a new medium.



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