Gerry Alferio


Gerry Alferio admits to having a personality flaw: “ I don’t feel that I’ve experienced the world unless I’ve captured a part of it with my camera.” His subject matter varies according to whatever moves him, whether it’s the sunset reflecting off the surface of a rippling lake or the lichen on an old wooden fence.

He relates to texture, color, composition, and shape.


As Marshall McLuhan wrote, “The medium is the message.” Alferio uses many different types of printing media that he feels is appropriate to each subject. A red leaf against a wooden background printed on wood, a 1938 Buick on metallic paper, or a view of Florence, Italy, through a window frame printed on canvas.


He has experimented with shaped photographs such as a sign for a roadside restaurant and a round metal print of a Packard hubcap; he has used filtered textures to enhance a palm tree against a blue sky. Gerry Alferio doesn’t consider his photographs to be epic in proportion, but intimate portraits of the world.


Alferio has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Wilkes College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He spent 25 years in television and has earned 11 Emmy Awards from the Miami and Atlanta chapters of National Academy of Television Arts. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and lives in Richmond with his wife, K, and their dog, Bert.





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