Glenda Shulleeta


Glenda Shulleeta creates unique art that is nature-inspired, with emotion-provoking pieces that are vibrant, serene, and solacing. A former interior designer and award-winning art teacher, her paintings are whimsical, energetic, and calming.


“I love art, and I often try to create art that really enlivens folks’ senses,” Glenda said. “The best art can reach deep into a person’s spirit and appeal to a person’s wildest imagination or deepest feelings of joy. That’s the type of art that someone can hang on a wall, examine a thousand times, and gain positive energy from the art everytime.”





Glenda produces abstract art that defies boundaries. She uses spirited, vivid colors that dance with each other and calmly flow into one another. Many of her paintings portray flowers — one of the great beauties of the world — using a form of planned imprecision.


“When successful, my art is capable of calling up intense feelings,” Glenda said, “because nature has an organic ability to affect people’s emotions. And I always use colors that provoke happiness, energy, and relaxation.”


Glenda is an art teacher, interior designer, lifelong artist, wife, and mother of three. She has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, and she has earned nationally accredited teaching qualifications from the University of Richmond.




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