Jim Brown is fascinated with science, especially earth science, and the idea of fusing glass and metal together at over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit to create decorative bowls and jewelry. He enjoys traditional methods, such as making crackle base bowls. Jim works much like an alchemist by rediscovering and experimenting with “forgotten” methods of enameling to create unique new styles.


He found his passion when he learned that curious enamelists in the past had melted dichroic glass on copper enamel. Because of technical issues, their work could use only very thin pieces of dichroic glass. He wanted to find a way to overcome those technical issues and use any thickness of dichroic glass. He now uses all of the exciting forms and thicknesses of dichroic glass that are available. He has successfully found a way to make new methods work, and the copper enameled pieces made years ago with these methods have never broken. This is a reflection of Jim and his art: discovering how to combine things that are not supposed to be combined to create that which is not supposed to exist.


Jim Brown







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