Johanna Josephs Carrington


Johanna Josephs Carrington grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and lives in the Northern Neck with her husband and three children. She paints primarily in oil and loves the expansive views of marshes, fields, and rivers of the Chesapeake Bay.  Blue and white Canton, sailboats, and the garden are other favorite subjects.


"I believe that everything in life presents an opportunity for creativity, and that creativity is the primary tool for solving problems. I enjoy the process of solving the mystery that has to be worked out in every painting.


"I ask questions about what the painting will say, how will I employ the universal principles of design, and what is my connection to the subject.  That connection, whether triggered by a happy memory or simply because it delights, is the most important factor in achieving an authentic and unique painting. The ultimate goal is to surprise and delight the viewer with beautiful images that bring joy."


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