John Joseph Albert


John Joseph Albert holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and a Master of Divinity degree from St. Meinrad Seminary in Indiana. A poet and essayist, John’s literary works have been published in numerous periodicals and journals, including Cistercian Studies, The Merton Seasonal of Bellarmine College, and The American Benedictine Review. Although John continues to work as a research scholar in the areas of spirituality and the human condition, he also shares his experiences through the visual arts. John works in watercolor, mixed media, graphite, and charcoal to create realistic images and balanced abstract compositions symbolic of proportion, perspective, and interrelatedness. John’s works have been presented in art shows and galleries throughout Georgia, Ohio, and Virginia. A number of his paintings are represented by World Art Group, an international art publishing company.


For John, painting is at once an emptying experience and a fulfilling experience. The visible object is powerful and potentially communicative to those who see it; through images, conversations occur without words. A painting is provocative when it stirs the imagination and brings new thinking. His paintings hold signs, symbols, allegories, analogies, and metaphors of the human struggle: for health out of sickness, virtue out of sin, forgiveness out of bitterness, fidelity out of doubt, love out of betrayal, light out of darkness, and new life out of death.



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