Kathy Pantele


I began my career in the early 90s as a portrait artist painting primarily in oils and won several awards for my work. However, over the last two decades, I have explored, what I affectionately refer to as “art from the other side of my brain,” and have delved into the world of intuitive abstracts.


Although my first love shall always be the exquisite torture of realism, I have enjoyed success in the intuitive abstract genre, in which emotion, color, shape, line, and loose form play a pivotal role. My abstract paintings are done primarily in acrylic overlaid with mixed media. I have developed a signature style that has been described by one critic as “pure, intense, and intuitive while remaining essentially modern.” I also love working with interior designers who want to give their clients the opportunity to have a unique piece of original art created specifically for their home that can be enjoyed for generations to come. In fact, I consider customization to be my specialty. My abstracts have been paired with centuries-old antiques, as well as, clean, modern décor. Although I consider myself to be mostly self-taught, I studied for a time under Richmond artists Irene Perry and Curney Nuffer.



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