Ken Smiegowski


Ken Smiegowski has been creating art since his youth. He works mostly in oils and photography, but has had exposure to acrylic, watercolor, jewelry, sculpture, silkscreening, and etching. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and served a two-year apprenticeship with Iwan Lotton, a nationally recognized painter who lived in the same town as Ken.


Attending school in downtown Chicago gave Ken exposure to the energy and ideas of cutting-edge modern works at the Art Institute of Chicago and classical training at the American Academy of Art. This atmosphere of learning and exchange amongst the various styles, media, students, teachers, and exhibiting artists was a valuable part of Ken’s youth and training.


Photography imposes the limitations of two-dimensional photographic paper and ink and a single sense of vision. Ken applies classical composition, value, and edge to create images with heightened color and texture. His desire is for the viewer’s mind to fill in the other four senses and imagine the sun, wind, smell, and temperature of the scene. Ken feels each image captures a unique moment in time. He tries to record and preserve these moments to relive and share with you.


Ken’s work has been featured in state and national parks, commercial product applications, magazines, and in private collections.



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