Mary Claire Coster



Art has always lingered in the background of Mary Claire’s life. But it truly took over after her first three creations went off to college. It was then that she was able to find time and space to explore what she had always wanted to express.


She began painting in earnest about fourteen years ago. At that time, she would go to Bay School of Arts and just watch wonderful and talented artists paint. They encouraged her to just get in there and paint. She was so engaged and thrilled when a painting came together. There was that sensation that Mary Claire was not just producing a painting but it was an activity of her own expression.

From there Mary Claire began taking workshops, not only in acrylics, but watercolor, oil, and pastel.  There was a craving to learn about each media. It was a challenge to be continually inspired and encouraged by the opportunities to engage with her teachers and also with the talented artists around her. They have all enhanced Mary Claire’s personal growth, artistic expression, and self-satisfaction.


Mary Claire’s gardens on the bay and her travels have inspired and given her much material to paint.  She works in a more representational manor. She loves color. She looks for the joy and thrill of painting a stroke of light on the canvas that vibrates with color and atmosphere, bringing to life whatever it is in nature that she chooses to paint. It’s not so much the final product as it is the process and joy of putting paint to a canvas and having people connect in some way to it.


Mary Claire’s hope is that in the end she would like her paintings to be an expression of the knowledge gained, her vision of nature and life, and that the viewer might feel some sensation of pleasure when viewing a painting.





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