Mary Ellen Yates


Mary Ellen Yates’ art communicates intense emotion, and that intensity is brought to life on her canvas. Her belief in organic metaphors is evident throughout her work. Her ideas come from the abstractions and realisms of life carried over into a beautiful, indelible work of art.


Arduously crafted detail gives way to the energy of every brushstroke. Many of her ideas are derived from nature: She uses the bark or roots of a tree in her designs, as well as the interaction of human beings in everyday life. She prefers oil paint because of its luminosity and rich hues that translate well to the surface of the canvas. She paints large-scale to express the energy of the work.


Her emotions are communicated throughout her paintings. She states, “It is a world of our own to express love, anger, joy, hope and anxiety. There is nothing else that makes me feel as I do when I create. It is a gift that I cherish.”

She is influenced by the Dutch Masters, the Impressionists, and others, and she sometimes combines these influences into one composition. He philosophy: We learn from the past to move forward into the future.



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