Neil Duman


Neil Duman started his first glass studio in 1979 in the backyard of his home in Henrico.  He has continued working with glass, developing a style that is highly recognizable. He captures the movement, reflective qualities, and refraction of glass as a liquid, working the glass very thick with the color on the interior and not using tools during the final shaping. Many of the pieces that are now being shown combine his talents and visions with those of Loren Boxley. Their exploration of combining metal with glass and surface engraving with the blown form.


Neil Duman

Neil Duman is a Virginia artist who was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  He studied art at the Maryland Institute of Fine Art in Baltimore and at Virginia Commonmealth University in Richmond, receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in glass and Metal in 1977. His love of glass came about when he transferred to VCU and was assigned Kent Ipsen as his advisor. Mr Ipsen had just started the school’s glass program the year before. When Neil needed another studio class for his first semester, Kent suggested he try glass. It was love at first sight. The heat, the constant glow of the material, how it flowed and moved with the tools, how gravity and centrifugal forces alone could shape the material: these things intrigued him.


Loren Boxley

Loren Boxley is a Virginia artist born in Waynesboro, Virginia. She studied art at Drexel University in Philadelphia, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in design and marketing in 1993.

Loren excelled in silkscreen printing, creating pieces that used multiple screens creating a layered technique which translated well to her multiple-stepped, sandblasted engraved botanical glass pieces. While at Drexel, she also created unique metal and found object pieces.

Loren enjoys growing flowers and vegetables and working with plants. Besides her art, she has worked as a landscaper in Florida and Virginia.

She started working with Neil Duman earlier this year creating pieces that combined her love of working with metal and botanical imagery with his glass forms.





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