Paulette Nesbitt


Painting and drawing at every chance as a young girl, Paulette Nesbitt dreamed of becoming an artist when she grew up. Life carried her down a different path with many twists and turns, and her dream was not realized until after retirement in 1998 from E.R. Carpenter. Over the years ,she has had many wonderful teachers, such as Carol Hickman, Sue Stuller, Linda Baker, Mary Whyte, Johnny Johnson, Don Andrews, Donna Campbell Allen, and Lian Zhen, to name just a few. She continues to take as many classes and workshops as possible.


Paulette says, "My paintings are truly a window into my world. The entire process, from taking the photograph to creating the painting, is exhilarating. I know instantly when I have captured something special to paint. That joy continues with the learning and experimenting of drawing and painting. Words can’t describe the satisfaction I receive from taking a plain piece of paper and turning it into a completed work of art. My hope is that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it."



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