Qaisar Iqbal


Qaisar Iqbal’s work interplays between abstraction and realism, through which he hopes to construct a visually poetic syntax of his experiential reality. His approach towards subjects, resting figures, flowers, bodies in motion, a horse at gallop, or urban landscapes, derives from a long history and a comprehensive understanding of color theory and solid drawing. While the forms communicate perspective, light, weight, and texture, his application of paint and the use of color and space emphasizes the gestural, the more playful, and an impressionistic view of reality. Exploration and adaptation of contemporary approaches towards art-making combined with traditional practices and principles is evident in all of Iqbal’s works. The balanced permutations and arrangements of the controlled hand, juxtaposed with the hand at play, bring about the morphological meaning that Iqbal aims to suggest in his works.


Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Qaisar Iqbal received his MFA from the National College of Arts, Lahore, in graphic design and illustration. He has over twenty years of experience in teaching at the university level, including National College of Arts, Lahore; Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi; and Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally and is in both private and public collections. Iqbal currently works and resides in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.





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