Crossroads Juried All-Media Show Winners


James Butler

The Green Muse, Waiting for the Other Shoe, and Weather Report (left to right)

Chuck and Lisa Mosser

Maple Wings, maplewood and glass (right)

Box in Bowl, oakwood and glass (left)


John Moser

Horseshoe Bend Friend

BuyRVAart Into the Woods Show Winners


Dorothy Fagan

Winter Solstice Kimono Jacket, fiber art hand silk


Jeff Rechin

Wild Turkey, basswood/acrylic

Tom Hennessy

The Edge of the Meadow, photography


Into the Woods and The Forest Project


October 15, 2017

Noon–4:00 p.m.

With live woodworking demonstrations!


Into the Woods is a collaboration between buyRVAart and Crossroads At Center. The exhibition will combine art from the online juried show on buyRVAart and the all-media juried show from Crossroads Art Center.


The idea was brought to Jenni Kirby by Sven Arenander, an artist who works primarily in wood, to have an art exhibition that highlighted the natural world and how it inspires artists.  They decided to do a multi-media juried exhibition and pull in The Forest Project.


The exhibition will hold two openings. The first will be on Friday, September 15, from 6:00–9:00 p.m. The second will be a Forest Festival on Sunday, October 15, from noon-4:00 p.m. The second opening will feature dancers from Eternal Forest, while Richmond Woodturners will be giving demonstrations. And there will be a scavenger hunt within the artwork!


Learn more about The Forest Project



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