Sara O'Connor


Sara O'Connor creates three distinct bodies of work she describes as Heavily Textured Pointillism, Marble Abstracts, and Kooky Kritters.


Her vibrant abstract pointillism works feature want-to-touch texture. Each piece takes form through application of thousands of dollops of acrylic paint individually laid down by hand. Sara has developed a unique method of bringing acrylic paint to full-bodied life.


In creating marble abstracts, she applies canvas to various layers of paint that is carefully and selectively poured. She considers it a thrill to see how the paints interact with one another through her self-developed pouring, lifting, and tapping techniques. While each piece is unique, themes emerge when she creates multiple works from a batch of selected colors.


Her pointillism and marble abstract works often feature color combinations and images found in nature, particularly the sea or where forested land touches a body of water. Her goal is to design pieces that encourage viewers to travel and explore her abstract landscapes visually, as each piece transforms when you view the piece up close and at a distance. Her work strikes a chord with those who love movement, beauty, and rich textures.


In creating her Kooky Kritters works, Sara seeks to capture the whimsical enjoyment her husband and she felt on their honeymoon in Thailand when they saw many exotic animals and awe-inspiring sights. She makes these pieces with acrylic paint using various sixed brushes and sponges. The pieces are designed to make onlookers of any age smile with delight at the silly and sweet situations these "kritters" get themselves into.





After leaving the practice of law, Sara dove headfirst into creating and sharing her artwork. She exhibits her work at nationally juried art shows, online, and at selected venues. After living in and traveling to many different places, Sara found a new home in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband and their wonderful pets.


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