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Deborah Baird

Deborah Baird was born and raised in Chicago, lllinois. She works predominantly in the mediums of photography, pastels, and mixed media. She began drawing and painting at an early age and went on to study design and commercial art in Cincinnati, Ohio. There she embarked on a 200-year career as an art director for the Kroger Corporation and later as a partner at RGI Design and Marketing. Her career gave her the opportunity to work with commercial photographers as an art director, photo set stylist, and food stylist. While in Cincinnati, she also studied painting and drawing at the Cincinnati Art Academy and life drawing at the Cincinnati Art Club. Deborah now combines the art of her camera with her original passion for drawing and painting in her layered imagery technique. Deborah resides in Staunton, Virginia, where she is a member artist at Co-Art Gallery.

“I have always been drawn to and fascinated by old places, things abandoned and left for nature and the elements to consume. In these lonely places I feel at home, as if with an old friend: till beautiful and filled with stories.  Through my work my intent is to share those moments with you.”




Rebecca Grow

"I make functional art that can be touched, handled and that has a useful place in a person’s life.  What is a box if not utilitarian?   Ah, but often there is something inside we have forgotten or it is a place that holds a keepsake. I truly love the surprises and adventures that arrive in a box. So, I have collected miniature boxes all my life.


"Nature’s shapes, colors, light and shadow are the basis of my palette and the source of the subjects on the boxes. Sometimes the natural world appears to me as whimsical and other times enlarged and grand and complicated. But, it never fails to stop my heart with its beauty, peace, and furry. Nature is the window into the mystery of living and the artful box.


"The Artful Box is a 3D watercolor painting mounted on a reclaimed wooden box. The design is original to each box because the box and the subject must have a relationship and compliment each other. I allow the paint and the design to flow across the edges and down the sides of the box giving different views.


"Working with my hands and painting is feels very good to me.  Currently I am exploring the use of cut and painted pieces of watercolor paper, and wood to give the raised areas on the paintings a heighten 3D effect."





Katherine Benedict March

Staunton, Virginia, artist Katharine B. March studied art at the Beverly Street Studio School in Staunton and has done workshops with nationally known artists. Originally from North Carolina, she studied for several years with Raleigh portrait artist Luanna Luconi Winner. March has been represented in juried art shows in North Carolina and Virginia, has had solo shows in the central Virginia are,a and has won awards for her work. Her work is owned by collectors across the United States and abroad and is represented by galleries in Virginia.


She competes in juried and nonjuried plein air events in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina, and has won awards at these events, including Paint It Orange 2017 in Hillsborough, North Carolina. In addition to landscape paintings, she enjoys doing still life and portrait paintings. March usually works in oil paints and loves the way she can layer paint with this medium.






Karen K. Rosasco

Watermedia artist Karen Rosasco retired after 31 years of teaching high school in New York and then led adults on history and art tours to six continents for 16 years. She has also conducted week-long abstraction-by-design workshops across the U.S. and Canada, attracting pupils from Europe and South America. Art and articles about her have appeared in major art magazines, and her prize-winning pieces have been accepted in regional and national juried shows. She was accepted in the American Watercolor Society's International Exhibition in New York City twice, winning second place in 2007. Her work is found in many private and corporate collections, including General Electric, Harcourt Brace Educational Testing, and several regional Virginia hospitals. In her current series of work, Karen usesa variety of materials in layers to achieve highly textural and dynamic presentation. Methods, materials, and themes change, but a consistently good composition and design hold the viewer's eye.





Marti Reed

Marti is a self-taught, award winning artist who began her art career less than a decade ago. Her oil paintings have encompassed an array of domestic and wild animals, as well as intriguing portraits of both adults and children. She spends most of her free time in her studio pursuing her next artistic adventure. Her passion is to share the beauty and wonder of the world one painting at a time.


Don Whitson

Don’s career has spanned over four decades, first as an illustrator in the United States Air Force, then a long career in corporate aerospace art departments. In 2010, he decided pursue his lifelong dream of painting full-time. His recent work is a series of paintings of women in a variety of locations and various themes. The uniqueness of each setting continues to challenge him to push his abilities further and allow the viewer to be inspired and use their own imagination to look deeper into the subject matter itself. Don was juried into the 38th Annual Virginia Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition, the 25th Anniversary Show of the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, First Place in BuyRVAart’s People and Figures juried exhibition, an Honorable Mention in the Turner Watercolors national painting contest and an Honorable Mention in the SOHO Urban Artist National Painting Contest. He recently had a painting accepted in the Ella 100 Exhibition that was on display at the Downing-Gross Gallery in Newport News, Virginia, from April–June 2017 and then traveling to China, Japan, Germany, and France until April 2018.





Lynn Hilton Conyers, Windtuck Pottery

Raku, a ceramic tradition that began in Japan in the 16th century, serves as inspiration for Lynn Hilton Conyers as a contemporary ceramic artist. Even though she uses the element of chance and the unintended effects that result, control and artistry are not absent from her original designs. Lynn’s use of fabric impressed into the surface of the clay produces textures that are enhanced when the piece, hot from the kiln, is placed in a chamber of combustible materials. The resulting reduction atmosphere creates iridescent qualities on the glazed surface which are further incorporated into the total design of the piece through the use of metallic oil-based pencils, and oil pastels. The unglazed surface areas become a canvas upon which she can paint and draw. The addition of fiber, wood, and glass or semi-precious stone beads pay homage to ancient cultures and unites the two and three dimensional aspects of the wall plaque. Contemporary pottery has dared Lynn to challenge established traditions while exploring and experimenting for the sheer joy of discovering a new approach to the craft.











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