Sue Barry Turlington


Sue Barry Turlington creates mosaic art as a way of communicating her view of the world around her. Using a rainbow of colored glass and great pride in workmanship and technique, she is challenged to create the sparkle of water, the delicate petals of a flower, the bold colors of a sunset, or the blush of a cheek. She is always amazed and delighted when the individual pieces come together and capture a moment in time, tell a story, or offer a destination for the viewer.


The colors and textures of nature have always been an inspiration for her art, and the technique of mosaic art is the perfect medium to translate the treasures nature has to offer. She believes any surface is capable of receiving a mosaic covering — if it stands still, look out! Sue’s work is applied to medium-density fiberboard, which can be any size or shape. She also uses the indirect method where the mosaic is completed on paper or mesh and then brought on-site for final application.


Sue strives to arouse passion and enliven curiosity, to delight and inspire, and to help others develop a deeper appreciation for the mosaic art form.





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