Sven Arenander, Woodwhisper Art


Art and music have always been a big part of Sven Arenander’s life, however science prevailed as a an early calling and he spent over 30 years in innovation jobs in the forest products industry. After downsizing in early 2014, his life needed a new path. He relied heavily on meditation and the enhanced intuitive capabilities that come with connectivity and mindfulness. Gradually it became clear that he must focus his energy on art and on bringing the beauty of art to others. Wood was an obvious and comfortable primary medium.

“Wood is magical, and wood has a voice. It often expresses a stunning structural and visual virtuosity that has been optimized over millions of years. Mother Nature’s art as expressed in wood is always powerful, deeply calming, yet exhilarating. Thus my art typically starts from found wood specimens, where meaningful expressions of this stunning artistry can be found. I listen and watch for the message for a period of time and then focus on bringing it out as clearly as possible. The process often involves iterations and false starts before the vision feels comfortable. Again, focused meditation often helps me bring better clarity. I sometimes find that other materials like stone, ceramics, metal or glass enhance the beauty of wood and can help bring out the message.”


Sven’s work expresses a deep respect for Mother Nature as a superb artist. His aim is to enhance and clarify what has been provided so that others can see it clearly and enjoy it as much as he does.



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