Terry Vavra Lacy


Terry Lacy has been an artist most of her life and has worked in many mediums. She has been a professional goldsmith, silversmith, and jewelry designer since 1978. In 1990, Terry began painting in watercolors, which eventually led to acrylic paint on canvas.  From there she graduated to oil paints, which she uses almost exclusively now.


Terry describes her oil paintings as representational, with spirit. It is the spirit of a person or place that she connects to and seeks to portray in her work. The subject could be human faces and figures, animals, objects, or landscapes.  A good likeness is important to Terry, but the spirit is what attracts her and compels her to paint. Bold color and contrast are ever present in her work.  She plans to continue her search for spirit and the exploration of faces and figures in their relative landscapes.


Terry is a member of the Petersburg Area Art League, Chester Artists Association, Crossroads Art Center, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.



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